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You've got questions, we've got answers. Making the right decisions about your trees begins with selecting a reputable tree service company. Choosing ISA Certified Arborists helps assure the project will be completed correctly, and safely. This is our goal. Learn more about the tree removal process and other topics by reviewing our frequently asked questions. Please call us, (513) UP-A-TREE for more information.

  • Is there a cost associated with getting a tree service estimate?
    Estimates are free of charge within the Greater Cincinnati area. Click here for a partial list of our service areas. If you require residential or commercial service outside of the listed areas, please call (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733 for details.
  • How much will tree services cost?
    The price of tree removal, trimming, or pruning depends on several factors and can't be estimated over the phone. The height and health of the tree plays an important role, and tree diameter matters, too. Other considerations include the condition of the tree, tree accessibility, determination of what happens with the trunk and branches after removal, and the option of stump grinding. Schedule a professional on-site visit. We'll provide an estimate for you to review. Call (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733.
  • How do I know if you have the proper insurance?
    Priority Tree, LLC is fully insured with both liability and workers compensation insurance that is specific to aerial and ground tree care work. Many believe a fundamental "landscapers" policy will cover all types of tree care - that is not true. Carefully verify the insurance credentials of whomever you choose to work on your trees. Our insurance information is always submitted to you with every estimate and is also available with a call to our office, (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733 Even in the best circumstances and among the most seasoned professionals, accidents can and do happen. You want to make sure that workers — and your property — are fully protected. Without proper insurance and workers compensation you can have responsibility in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.
  • Can I get an estimate over the phone?
    We must see your property and the tree(s) we'll be working on before we can give you an estimate. Each job is different - tree removal, trimming, and pruning can vary widely. Our Certified Arborists can diagnose problems, assess all the elements such as structures in the surrounding area, topography, any dangers posed by the tree, proximity to electrical wires, access to the work area, and then determine the best course of action. Without seeing the tree(s) and what's around it, we can't tell what will be required to complete the work.
  • What is your service area?
    We primarily service within the Greater Cincinnati area, including Northern Kentucky. A partial list of our servicing neighborhoods can be viewed here. As conditions permit, we will provide disaster relief beyond our primary service area.
  • Do I need to be on site for an estimate?
    We prefer that you are present for the first arborist consultation. We feel it's important to fully understand your needs, and to explain what we suggest for your tree(s). If you are unavailable and there is ready access to the area, we can make a site visit and then follow up if clarification is needed. Call (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733.
  • Do you top trees?
    Simply put, no. A myth abounds that topping is an effective way to reduce the size or height of a tree, or to open a view, and make it safer. What happens to the tree after topping cuts creates the opposite effect. Topping a tree will cause it to quickly grow back to large proportions, and it will have lost its natural shape. The new growth will be weaker and often poorly attached to the trunk, this new growth can be extremely dangerous. The large non-selective cuts made when topping a tree heal poorly, inviting rot, insects, and disease. The Tree Care Industry Association ANSI A300 Pruning Standards specify that tree topping is unacceptable and harmful to trees.
  • Will your trucks and the tree removal process damage my lawn or driveway?
    This is a question heard almost daily in our business. Our preferred answer is - as little as possible. We go to great lengths to preserve the driveway, lawn, and landscape. However, the physics of it all, the weight of the tree, equipment, and repeated traffic over the same area can have an impact. Special caution is taken when working near or over structures, but turf, walkways, driveways, roadways, and landscape often must be used as a work surface. So, what, if anything, can be done to prevent any issues? We strive to protect sensitive areas prior to beginning work, however damage can still occur to turf, landscape, and driveways, or other areas. We can apply mats or plywood to cover driveways and access pathways. However, the process itself often involves heavy equipment and heavy pieces of wood that are lowered or dropped. Some damage may be inevitable. Our estimates do not include repairs for damage caused from the tree service process. Sometimes, we can work from a paved or concrete area, and again we strive to operate damage free. However, with any heavy equipment, damage can occur. If you have specific requests or concerns about your service area, please contact us, (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733.
  • Is stump grinding included?
    If you specify stump grinding, it will be noted on your estimate. Due to the equipment needs when performing tree work, stump grinding is usually completed on a separate schedule. Our office will notify you after your primary work is complete for when stump grinding is scheduled. Please keep in mind that stump grinding can also be weather dependent.
  • What if I have underground wires or utilities?
    We understand there are hidden hazards that you should disclose to us prior to starting your tree care services. If your property has hidden wires or utilities, irrigation systems, etc., please disclose that to your consulting arborist so it can be noted on your estimate and measures taken to minimize the risk of damage.
  • Should I consider doing this myself or hire a professional?
    It's important to consider these questions before attempting tree removal yourself: Do you have the time and energy to do this yourself? Do you have the ability to dispose of the limbs and logs? Do you own a chainsaw and feel comfortable operating it in various positions? Is it possible to keep both feet on solid ground while cutting the tree? If removing a tree’s branches would require use of a ladder, hire a professional. The limbs of larger trees must be taken down carefully, with guide ropes, a crane, bucket-truck, aerial lift, or other special equipment. What's the health status of the tree? If the tree is dead/declining, rotten/hollow, insect/termite infestations, or struck by lightning, these conditions can make removal unpredictable and dangerous. In these cases, hire a professional. You don't want to be featured on the evening news. What structures or obstacles could a branch land upon? If the tree is near a structure, it requires much more skill to bring it down safely. If it is adjacent to utility lines, contact the utility company. Which main branches can be removed methodically? Trees do not always fall in a predictable way and lacking a proper understanding of tree physics could lead to a large branch hitting something important. Are there local issues? If the tree is on or near a property boundary, the actions to remove it may not entirely rest with the homeowner. Sometimes neighbors, homeowners’ associations, and local government must be involved for access or regulation. Reputable tree service companies can help the homeowner obtain necessary inspections and permits to coordinate tree removal. For the recommendation of a professional trained arborist, call (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept payment through cash, check, or credit card.
  • When is the payment due?
    Invoices are due at the time of competion of service; though our employees do not expect payment on the day of service, the on-site crew will accept a check if that's convenient for you. We do not currently process credit cards in the field. We will usually send you an invoice via mail or email, it is payable upon receipt.
  • Do I need to be on-site when the services are performed?
    No, you do not need to be on-site. However, there are occasions when the consulting arborist requests your presence at the work area if it not accessible without you being present. The assigned arborist will have a work order describing the work agreed upon with you and the consulting arborist.
  • When will my tree care services be scheduled and completed?
    We strive to look at the date a proposal was accepted and schedule forward from the acceptance date. Sudden imperiled damage, such as storm or tornado clean-up can take precedent over other work. We plan to call you about a week prior to let you know your work has been scheduled, and then within a day or two of the arrival date, all things permitting. As much as we both may like, we can't just pick a date to schedule your work to be done. A lot of factors influence scheduling such as weather, equipment, crew size needed for the service, release forms, and sometimes we need to coordinate assistance from energy providers and utility contractors. Unless otherwise specified we do not require you to be on site for work to be completed. Please call us, (513) UP-A-TREE or (513) 872-8733, for any specific scheduling requests.
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